The VORTEX-SE Community Forum is intended for anyone involved in the mitigation of tornado risk in the Southeast U.S. We use a Slack workspace where we can openly discuss any issues related to this risk, VORTEX-SE news and announcements, weather events, etc. This web site is used as a place to store information in more detail than can be readily communicated on Slack. It should be a good place to go just to browse and understand the variety of research that is being conducted by VORTEX-SE.

What sorts of things will you find here? Under the Grants tab, organized by year, you will find listings of all the grants made by VORTEX-SE, with their titles, investigators, organizations, objectives, publications, and a recent Executive Summary. As we build the content of this site, we will try to add informal publications and posters with links from these individual grant listings.

Using the site’s search feature, you should be able to find information about topics, events, and researchers.

In 2020, we will be creating a “Case Encyclopedia” under the Data tab. This will be a place where you can browse all of the events studied by VORTEX-SE, and find out where the data can be accessed. We are hoping that some of these cases will be sufficiently interesting that you will dig into them a little! Also under the Data tab, you can access the relevant NOAA Data Sharing policies.

VORTEX-SE grant results are summarized by topic under the Findings tab of this website. As always, users of the Community Forum should be careful to note which findings are final, typically being conveyed in formal publications, as opposed to preliminary results. Users should be respectful of the work being done by other researchers, being careful to give credit and form collaborations whenever appropriate.

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