Case Encyclopedia

This space is being organized as a sort of “one stop shop” for highlights and information from all VSE-sponsored field activities and data collection dating back to Fall 2015. Links to EOL field and data catalogs for each funding year are provided at the top of each respective page. Below those links are summaries of each data collection period, including an “event summary” describing the observed weather in the deployment domain and a “deployment summary” describing the executed deployment plan and any particularly noteworthy observations. I have plans to include links to manuscripts and presentations that use datasets from each respective data collection season, but I have yet to settle on how I want to organize those. If you have any ideas or requests for other features you would like to see in this encyclopedia, feel free to contact me through the VORTEX-SE Community Forum Slack. -T. Lyza

Fall 2015 – Spring 2016

Fall 2016 – Spring 2017

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