STATUS: 3 April 2018

STATUS: Operating

Mobile assets from the University of Alabama-Huntsville and the University of Oklahoma are moving toward the western part of northern AL. This is the western end of the relatively open Tennessee Valley area where we can operate mobile Doppler radars effectively. The NOAA P-3 aircraft with Doppler radars and a Compact Raman Lidar for boundary layer profiling will be taking off at 2 PM, with an initial target area in eastern AR.

We expect potentially tornadic supercells to form in the NE part of AR up toward southeast Missouri in the mid-afternoon. Activity will organize into a QLCS squall line during the late afternoon, and race eastward across northern MS and northern AL, with the possibility of a tornado or two, before weakening as it approaches northeast AL.

This will be a one-day operation, with the next possible active weather toward the end of the week.

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