STATUS: 13 April 2018


We will be using a special ad hoc subdomain today to maximize our radar data collection on the kind of weather that is most interesting. This decision is based on the logistics of our deployment… this is the last mission day for the NOAA P-3 aircraft, and if we wait for the interesting weather to get to the Monroe subdomain, the P-3 will no longer be able to work it. So we are deploying the two University of Oklahoma SMART-Radars to northwest Louisiana, to operate in conjunction with the Shreveport NWS WSR-88D. The NOAA P-3 aircraft will operate over this subdomain.

(Thunder in Norman as I write… a welcome sound!)

We expect supercells or clusters of supercells today in the subdomain, with the possibility of tornadoes occurring within our radar area.

The radars and aircraft are expected to be operating sometime around 3 PM.

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