Media publications regarding the UAS team’s work:

TORNADO EVOLUTION, TOPOGRAPHY AND LAND COVER – Example of work exploring the use of how UAS technologies used in post-storm damage assessments can be leveraged to explore the role of terrain in tornadogenesis from the 10 December 2021 Quad-State Tornado Outbreak. Originally posted on March 14, 2022 by team member Melissa Wagner.

2023 NSSL NEWS- NSSL Puts the Next Generation of Weather Tools to the Test Close to Home – Article that includes images from the UAS team’s flight and satellite data to “obtain high-resolution imagery of tornado damage impacts.”

2021 NSSL NEWS- Studying Tornado Damage with Uncrewed Aircraft Systems – 3 minute video explaining the work that the UAS team does and hopes to achieve with imaging tornado damage.

2021 NOAA Scientists use Drones to See Tornado Damage in Remote Areas – Article detailing the work the team completed in April 2021 in O Birmingham, Alabama.

National Severe Storms Laboratory High-Wind Damage Assessment Following Severe Weather Events from NOAA uncrewed systems research transition office – article from the UAS team outlines that the benefits to using UAS technology to assess tornado damage, especially that in rural areas where mainly vegetation was affected.

American Meteorological Society- Making Sure No Tornado Damage Is Too Small – Article including many images from the UAS team’s surveys in Canton, Texas in 2017.

American Meteorological Society- Using Drones to Image Tornado Damage with Melissa Wagner and Robert Doe (Podcast) – 39 minute podcast with UAS team member Melissa Wagner.