Welcome to the home of Uncrewed Aircraft System (UAS) team! As a branch of the FRDD (Forecast and Research Development Data) observations and processes teams at the National Severe Storms Laboratory based in Norman, Oklahoma, we aim to better understand tornado and wind damage. UAS data collection is a new approach that is gaining traction operationally and in the research community.

We started our operations in June of 2020, as a two year project, funded by NOAA UASPO. 

OUR GOAL: We examine how sub-tornado scale spatial/temporal variability in tornado low-level wind fields to develop a reliable event database for validation efforts in NSSL modeling and analysis systems.



Severe Convective Observations using UAS, Radar, Simulations (SCOURS)



The SCOURS team work closely with multiple agencies in response to tornadoes, including FEMA and NOAA Southern Region.



We would like to thank our team members Melissa Wagner, Dominic Candela and Lizzie Tirone, as well as our collaborators Mike Coniglio and Erik Rasmussen from the National Severe Storms Laboratory.