Recruitment and Participation

Are you a current broadcast meteorologist interested in working with us at KPHI TV? This is a special opportunity to test the future of the National Weather Service warning paradigm. We typically require a week of time commitment for the on-site experiment, which occurs in the summer at the National Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma. Participants are welcome to do stories while participating in the project (outside of core experiment hours, which are approximately from 8 AM – 5 PM) and will have the chance to interview top scientists in the field. Several past participants have done live coverage, full packages, or simple VO/SOTS for newscasts back in their home market. Some stations have sent a photojournalist along with the participant. Others have used footage captured by our A/V Specialist. The National Weather Center is full of excellent visuals and offers a variety of interesting backdrops. Travel expenses for solely the participant can be provided per University of Oklahoma travel rules.

Recruitment typically occurs in late winter or early spring. Application announcements are sent through the National Weather Association, American Meteorological Society, and National Weather Service.  Please feel free to email Holly ( or Kodi ( if you would like to be sent an announcement or added to our email list. Final selections are made and participants are notified approximately one month before each experiment.

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