AMS 50th Conference on Broadcast Meteorology

Will you be at the AMS Conference on Broadcast Meteorology in Phoenix, AZ next week?  So will we!

Kodi Berry is presenting on Threats-in-Motion, a proposed change to NWS tornado warnings.  Threats-in-Motion represents a more modern warning process, featuring a rapidly updating tornado warning which provides more equitable lead time.  Input from broadcast meteorologists has had a direct impact on the development of this product.

Thursday, June 22nd at 2:30 PT

Moving tornado warnings: How Threats-in-Motion may evolve the way we communicate severe weather

Holly Obermeier is presenting on the last seven years of testing experimental FACETs products (such as probabilistic hazard information) with broadcast meteorologists, including the development of a research television studio with NOAA’s Hazardous Weather Testbed.  Such testing has lead to direct impacts on the research and development of these products, thanks to the input of broadcast participants.

Thursday, June 22nd at 2:45 PM

Seven Years of Testing Experimental NOAA Severe Weather Products with Broadcast Meteorologists


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