Threats-in-Motion Virtual Tabletop Exercise with Broadcast Meteorologists

The KPHI research team held this year’s virtual Threats-in-Motion (TIM) Workshop from Sept 20-24.  We were honored to have a total of 25 broadcast participants (5 per day) for the week.  Threats-in-Motion is a proposed update to the current warning paradigm which features a more rapidly updating warning polygon with moves along with a storm, possibly at intervals as quickly as 1 minute.

Participants from Day 2 of the 2021 Virtual Threats in Motion Workshop

Participants worked through surveys in which they were shown different TIM prototypes, and were then asked for feedback.  Focus group discussion followed the surveys.  Discussion topics included initial impressions, preferred update frequency, and possible concerns.   Most of our participants voiced a desire for a product like TIM, but expressed some concern over update frequency.  While most of the broadcasters felt they could keep up with 1-minute updates in their on-air coverage, they might struggle to keep other platforms, such as crawls and social media, up to speed.

Feedback and discussions were insightful and revealing.  Virtual experiments may not feature our signature delicious brownies, but we appreciate the time and effort from each of our participants!

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