STATUS: Sun 28 Feb 2016

28 Feb 2016

STATUS: IOP watch continues for Thur 4 Mar operations.

A shakedown mission will likely occur Tuesday evening/night for participants who are present in Northern AL.  A second wave should move through the region on Thur.  Currently, the warm sector looks too cool/stable with the Thur system, but the forecast will evolve and bears watching.

Mid-March, commencing ~10th, looks active as a strong Pacific jet starts moving into the US.

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VORTEX-SE Information

On this site, you will find blog blurbs about the VORTEX-SE Spring 2016 Field Campaign as it unfolds, as well as news about what is being observed and learned.  For field participants, this site also has a page of links to data that might be useful in realtime, and observing platform status.  By clicking on the Status tab, the current daily status of the campaign can be seen.

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