Progress Towards MRMS v12.0 Implementation

The onboarding process for the MRMS version 12.0 update at NCEP Central Operations began in April and is targeting an operational transition by the end of the fiscal year (September 2020). While the onboarding and testing continues, a list of updates for the v12.0 build can be found on the Code Updates page.

The v12.0 build of the MRMS system is the biggest update for the precipitation product suite since the initial operating capabilities back in September 2014. Highlights of the MRMS v12.0 product updates include the following:

  • Dual-polarization synthetic radar QPE with an evaporation correction
  • Advancements to radar and gauge data quality controls
  • A new Multi-Sensor QPE that combines radar-based QPE with gauges, model QPF, and climatologies
  • New MRMS data for Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, and the Caribbean

The MRMS team looks forward to having the new products made available and to continuing their research and development efforts to improve the science of precipitation estimation.

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