Group picture of the MRMS QPE, transportation, and computing/analytics teams — March 2018

Front Row (from Left to Right): Steven Martinaitis (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Ami Arthur (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Heather Reeves (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Micheal Simpson (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Lin Tang (OU-CIMMS/NSSL)

Back Row (from Left to Right): Andrew Rosenow (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Stephen Cocks (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Carrie Langston (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Ken Howard (NSSL), Karen Cooper (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Shawn Handler (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Andrew Osborne (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Jian Zhang (NSSL)

Not Pictured: Jeff Brogden (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Brian Kaney (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Kim Elmore (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), José Meitín (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Wolfgang Hanft (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Alexander Eddy (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Nathaniel Indik (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Robert Toomey (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Micheal Taylor (OU-CIMMS/NSSL), Jerry Tung (OU-CIMMS/NSSL)