7 June 2010

Hotel location:  Ft. Morgan, CO

Intercept location:  Scottsbluff/Mitchell, NE

Two tornadic supercells in the Nebraska panhandle.  The first increased in speed and moved out of reach of the VORTEX2 array except for Sticknet.  A tornado was produced just east of the Sticknet, and was observed from a distance both by SMART radars and DOW6. Two mobile mesonets sampled the post-hook echo outflow of the storm, but could not get close enough to the circulation center.

The second high-precipitation supercell developed west of the first and tracked southeast through Scottsbluff.  A weak, brief tornado formed just east of Scottsbluff, observed by NOXP and DOW7.  Mobile mesonet collected data in the rear flank outflow and the outflow forth and forward of the mesocyclone.  Baseball sized hail suffered in the hook echo.

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