25 May 2010

Hotel location:  Loveland, CO

Intercept location:  Tribune, KS

VORTEX2 deployed on a cyclic, weakly tornadic supercell in western Kansas.  Among the test cases sampled in VORTEX2 given the simultaneous collection of storm-scale and mesocyclone-scale dual-Doppler radar observations, along with in-situ measurements.  The target storm emerged from a cluster of storms that developed along the KS-CO border southwest of Sharon Springs, KS.  Landspouts were observed by some teams early in the evolution. Mesocyclone and storm-scale dual-Doppler data were obtained at the time of the aforementioned mobile mesonet observations.  Sticknet probes also had a successful deployment.  W-band captured tornadogenesis and TTUKaBand captured tornado-scale vortices.

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