5.13.09 When, where, and why?

img_0135The storms we surrounded decided to organize after dark…and in a city. Oklahoma City of all places. We drew attention as we hung out in Canton, OK for awhile. It was extremely hot – and we were in the parking lot of Canton High School. Staff kindly let us in to use the restrooms. The situational awareness software worked great today, in my opinion. Radar, roads, towns were part of the basemap as every vehicle was mapped and tracked. I could see where NOXP, UMass W-Band, the DOWs were set up, where mobile mesonets were positioned and repositioned. A green raindrop indicated where disdrometers were deployed. It did NOT show the golfball sized hail pelting the University of Illinois team. The prediction of when/where storms would form was well done, but we can’t control when a thunderstorm decides to tighten its large rotation into a tornado! And that’s why we are doing VORTEX2.

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