5.21.09 A quiet atmosphere still has opportunity


The VORTEX2 fleet is making the most of a quiet atmosphere. The jet stream has been hanging up near Canada, and the moisture has been cut off by a storm in the Gulf. The team has expanded its focus to general thunderstorms wherever they can be observed easily. The collection of unique and diverse instruments is unprecedented, and researchers do not plan to squander the opportunity to use them! They plan to practice deployment and collect data to learn valuable things about non-tornadic storms during the lull in the supercell activity.

While VORTEX2 is still operating, the NSSL VORTEX2 media vehicle has been grounded until the end of May.  “The longterm forecast for the VORTEX2 domain is not favorable for severe weather or supercells,” says Keli Tarp, NOAA Weather Partners Public Affairs.  Those scheduled for seats in the media vehicle will be accommodated when weather conditions change.

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