5.8.09 Susan Cobb

P5080069.JPGV2 Media Day was epic! The MVD (Media Vehicle Driver) and MVC (Media Vehicle Coordinator – hah!) directed over 30 research vehicles to the east end of the National Weather Center. The Texas Tech StickNet trucks/trailers were the first to line up, followed by mobile mesonets. The SMART-R was the first radar out – and I didn’t plan very well because a 32 foot long mobile radar stuck out all the way to the parking spots on the other side of the row. All the scientists were great to stand out in drippy dewpoints for a few hours to give interviews.

In attendance today: The Weather Channel, FOX News Channel, Discovery Channel – Storm Chasers, NSF Science Nation, KGOU Radio (NPR, Norman), KTOK Radio, Oklahoma City, KWTV (CBS, Oklahoma City), KOCO (ABC, Oklahoma City), KFOR (NBC, Oklahoma City)
KJRH (NBC, Tulsa), KXII (CBS, Sherman, TX), KLBK (CBS, Lubbock, TX)
KXAN (NBC, Austin, TX), Daily Oklahoman, AP, Medill News Service, NotebookReview.com, LA Daily News, Reuters, III Oaks Video

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