5.11.09 The real story…

img_0040 We were in the home of the Clinton, Oklahoma Red Tornadoes.  Down the street from the hotel parking lot filled with an historic amount of weather research vehicles, 8 year olds were having little league baseball practice. Of course, the boys were gloriously oblivious to the flurry of activity, but someday it may save their lives. We hope it does. We hope V2 research improves severe weather warnings to save the lives of the folks in the towns we rest in at night after operations are over. This is the real story!

The “Emerald” meeting room of the Holiday Inn in Norman was packed this morning as V2 spokesperson announced a “travel” day. We were only going about two hours west – but perfect for getting the rest of the equipment ready and giving folks an opportunity for a soft commnications test. The V2 Media Vehicle even got its SASSI equipped laptop today! Residents of Clinton drove through the parking lot taking pictures, asking questions…bringing their kids. Maybe we will inspire the next generation of researchers! – Susan Cobb

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