Your input is used in a variety of ways.

  • How it helps us:
    • Immediate high quality and large quantity of data.
    • Cost-effective means of collecting data (replacing expensive and slow postal questionaires).
  • How it helps others:
    • Provides a rapid assessment of the potential impact and damage for emergency responders, which may be of particular importance in rural areas.
    • Confirms experiences of the tornado for other people.
  • How it helps you:
    • You learn more about what information is of interest to us.
    • Helps you feel more in control of your experience.
    • Opportunity to share your experience with others.
    • Opportunity to contribute to the advancement of social and behavioral science in tornado research and its application to benefit society.

Occasionally we receive bad responses from people who think it might be amusing to throw off the map with an unnaturally high response. We reserve the right to manually exclude such responses from the final product, but we also have several built-in filters.

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