What’s this blog about?

Users of WDSS-II range from students and researchers who download WDSS-II from the wdssii.org website, engineers at private companies that license WDSS-II from the University to forecasters at government agencies and meteorological departments.

A question that I often get from users of WDSS-II is: “What’s new? What have you done in the past X months?”.  This blog is an attempt to answer that. We will add examples of changes we have made to small parts of the system, the sort of changes that can go unnoticed in a system where the names of the tools and algorithms tend to remain the same but the tools get more and more powerful and the algorithms more and more skillful.

Another purpose of this blog is to point WDSS-II users to tips and tricks. If you have a cool way to use or customize a WDSS-II application, please consider contributing a guest post.

Questions about use of the software or products, however, should be posted on the WDSS-II forum.

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