Fall 2019 – Spring 2020

16 December 2019

Event Summary: Bimodal tornado outbreak across the Southeast. A wave of supercells with numerous significant tornadoes impacted a corridor from W Louisiana through the pine belt of Mississippi and up into W-cntl Alabama. The second mode consisted of an intense tornadic QLCS that produced numerous tornadoes, mostly concentrated from west of Tupelo to Huntsville. Several of these tornadoes were also significant. Three fatalities occurred during this event: two with an EF2 tornado at Town Creek, Alabama, and one with an EF3 near DeRidder, Louisiana.

Deployment Summary: Full deployment of UAH assets across NW and N-cntl Alabama. RaDAPS was located W of Florence, MAX was located along the Alabama/Tennessee border NE of Florence near Five Points, MoDLS at Falkville, Alabama, and M3V observations along the AL Hwy 24 and 20 corridors. Soundings were collected at RaDAPS, MoDLS, M3V, and from Haleyville and Huntsville. The killer Town Creek EF2 tornado pass about 1.5 km NW of the NOAA PSL 449 MHz wind profiler at Courtland.

29 December 2019

Event Summary: Marginally severe QLCS across Mississippi and Alabama, including an EF0 tornado in Limestone Co. Alabama near Tanner and Athens.

Deployment Summary: No mobile field operations, owing to the holiday break. Profiler observations were gathered from SWIRLL and ARMOR was operating at the time of the Tanner tornado.

11 January 2020

Event Summary: Extensive QLCS tornado outbreak featuring approximately 80 tornadoes, spanning from east Texas to the Carolinas from the evening hours of 10 January through the evening hours of 11 January. The environment was characterized by low-moderate CAPE and extreme wind shear, with 0-1 km BWD values locally exceeding 60 kt. Seven fatalities were reported in association with tornadoes from this event: one with an EF1 in Nacogdochies Co. Texas, three with an EF2 just outside Barksdale AFB near Shreveport, and three with an EF2 near Carrollton in Pickens Co., Alabama. All fatalities occurred in mobile homes.

Deployment Summary: UAH assets were deployed across NW and N-cntl Alabama and far NE Mississippi beginning at 1200 UTC 11 January. RaDAPS was located at Cherokee at the U.S. 72 and Natchez Trace Pkwy. interchange, MAX and MoDLS were located at Courtland, and M3V roamed from Tishomingo, Mississippi, to Holly Pond. Soundings were launched from RaDAPS, MAX/MoDLS, M3V, and at Huntsville. M3V launched a sounding approximately 15 km SE of an EF1 tornado at Tishomingo, Mississippi, in the 1300 UTC hour.

5 February 2020

Event Summary: Scattered supercells and line segments produced several tornadoes across Mississippi, NW and cntl Alabama, and Middle Tennessee. Significant tornadoes occurred in east-central Mississippi outside of Laurel and in the SW suburbs of Birmingham.

Deployment Summary: Full deployment of UAH assets across NW and N-cntl Alabama, with RaDAPS at Huntsville, MAX and MoDLS at Courtland, and M3V roaming. M3V launched a sounding from Barton as an EF1 tornado impacted the Allsboro area in far W Colbert County.

12 February 2020

Event Summary: Very high shear (0-6 km BWD >= 100 kt), very low CAPE (100-200 J/kg) strongly forced QLCS event in NW Alabama and srn Middle Tennessee. Numerous instances of wind damage were reported in the Tennessee Valley, with a pair of weak tornadoes at Green Hill, Alabama, and Five Points, Tennessee.

Deployment Summary: Full deployment of UAH assets in NW and N-cntl Alabama, with RaDAPS at Huntsville, MAX and MoDLS at Courtland, a sounding team at Falkville, and M3V roaming.

3 March 2020

Event Summary: Devastating supercell tornado event across Middle Tennessee focused after midnight CST. A lone cyclic supercell produced 10 tornadoes along the I-40 corridor from west of the Tennessee River to the Cumberland Plateau, most notably a 60-mi.-long EF3 at Nashville and Mt. Juliet (5 fatalities) and an EF4 at Baxter-Cookeville (19 fatalities). The environment was characterized by a relatively cool and dry PBL (sfc T/Td ~64F/58F in the inflow of the main supercell), very high shear (0-1 km SRH >400m^2/s^2), and very cold air aloft (500 mb T approximately -19 to -20C).

Deployment Summary: Full deployment of UAH assets across Middle Tennessee and far N-cntl Alabama, with MoDLS at Courtland, RaDAPS at Culleoka TN, MAX at Lawrenceburg, and sounding teams at Pulaski and Huntsville, and M3V roaming as far north as Brentwood/S Nashville. M3V launched a sounding at 0658 UTC 17 km SW of the Nashville EF3 as it was in E Nashville and approaching Mt. Juliet.

24 March 2020

Event Summary: Isolated discrete supercell event, with a couple tornadoes along the Mississippi/Alabama border and in S Middle Tennessee.

Deployment Summary: No deployment of mobile assets. A couple soundings were launched at Huntsville.

28 March 2020

Event Summary: Complex, multi-mode event across the Midwest and Southeast. The primary Southeast event consisted of tornadic supercells in the Arkansas Delta that grew upscale into a QLCS that produced widespread wind damage in N Mississippi, N Alabama, and Tennessee.

Deployment Summary: Very limited UAH operations consisting of MAX at Tanner, M3V roaming, and soundings from Huntsville.

12-13 April 2020

Event Summary: Widespread, high-end tornado outbreak across Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, srn East Tennessee, Georgia, and South Carolina. Multiple waves of supercells and QLCS line segments produced approximately 140 tornadoes, dozens of which were significant. Two EF4 tornadoes occurred in srn Mississippi, including one that reached 2.25 mi. in diameter, with a 3rd EF4 in Hampton County South Carolina. Thirty-two fatalities occurred during this outbreak, making it the deadliest outbreak in the United States since 2012.

Deployment Summary: UAH operations across N-cntl Alabama on 12 April following COVID-19 safety protocols. RaDAPS was located at West Point, a sounding system was located between Hanceville and Cullman, MAX and MoDLS were located at Courtland, M3V was roaming, and soundings were launched at SWIRLL. M3V intercepted the RFD of an EF2-producing supercell in the NW Birmingham metro near the Jefferson/Walker County line and observed rapid airmass recovery in its wake. The Cullman/Hanceville sounding location was very close to a family of tornadoes with a QLCS mesovortex in the late evening hourse.

19-20 April 2020

Event Summary: Widespread mixed-mode severe thunderstorm and tornado event across Louisiana, srn Mississippi, srn Alabama, and SW Georgia.

Deployment Summary: Limited UAH operations in nrn Alabama in anticipation of potential cold-core severe convection that did not materialize. Weak convection was observed. MoDLS and MAX were located at Courtland and M3V was briefly roaming in the Huntsville-Decatur metro area.