Matthew Brown


Observations & Processes Team (OPT)

Job Title:Postdoctoral Researcher

Affiliation:NRC Postdoc

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Matthew is an NRC Postdoctoral Fellow at NSSL and is a member of the Observations & Processes Team (OPT) within FRDD. He currently uses storm-scale numerical modeling to explore the impacts of near-storm kinematic and thermodynamic properties on the development of low-level rotation in idealized squall lines. His previous work examined the influence of near-storm spatiotemporal heterogeneities on Southeast severe convection, particularly nocturnal and high-shear, low-CAPE (HSLC) storms.

Degree (Ph.D, M.S, B.A, etc.) Major Subject University or College Name Year (YYYY) (optional)
Ph.D. Atmospheric Sciences Texas A&M University 2021
M.S. Atmospheric Sciences Texas A&M University 2018
B.S. Meteorology Pennsylvania State University 2016
Research Interests
  • Storm-scale dynamics
  • Tornadogenesis
  • Near-storm environments
  • Numerical modeling
Professional Activities
  • Member of AMS Board on Representation, Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity (BRAID)
  • Member of the AMS STAC Committee on Mesoscale Processes
Honors & Awards
Award Name Year
AMS Mesoscale Very Early Career Outstanding Presentation Award Summer 2023
NRC Postdoctoral Fellowship 2022-2023
Selected Publications

Brown, M. C., Nowotarski, C. J., Dean, A. R., Smith, B. T., Thompson, R. L. and Peters, J. M., 2021: The early evening transition in southeastern US tornado environments. Wea. Forecasting36(4), 1431-1452,

Brown, M. C., and Nowotarski, C. J., 2020: Southeastern US tornado outbreak likelihood using daily climate indices. J. Climate33(8), 3229-3252,

Brown, M., and Nowotarski, C. J., 2019: The influence of lifting condensation level on low-level outflow and rotation in simulated supercell thunderstorms. J. Atmos. Sci.76(5), 1349-1372,