Significant Paper: 31 May 2013 El Reno Tornadoes: Advantages of Rapid-scan Phased Array Radar Data from a Warning Forecaster’s Perspective


31 May 2013 El Reno Tornadoes: Advantages of Rapid-scan Phased Array Radar Data from a Warning Forecaster’s Perspective.
Authors: Kuster, C.M., Heinselman, P.L., Austin, M.

Journal: Weather and Forecasting 
Publication Date: Online 6/12/15

Important conclusions: 

Researchers collaborated with the forecaster who issued real-time tornado warnings for the 31 May 2013 supercell near El Reno Oklahoma. The forecaster compared critical radar signatures frequently assessed during warning operations from rapid-scan PAR data and the Weather Surveillance Radar 1988-Doppler. The study identified potential benefits of rapid-update radar data especially in terms of better understanding rapid storm evolutions and the resulting ability to better communicate threat information to the general public during high-impact weather events.


Rapid-scan volumetric radar data in cases like this would augment a forecaster’s ability to observe rapidly evolving storm features and deliver timely, life-saving information to the general public.
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