NSSL researcher publishes book on radar techniques

Ivic book_cover_Page_1

NSSL/CIMMS researcher Igor Ivic authored the book “Detection Thresholds for Spectral Moments and Polarimetric Variables” Concepts, Methods, and Implementations to Separate Partially Coherent Signals from Noise, recently published by VDM Verlag Dr. Müller AG & Co.

This book provides a comprehensive analysis of a novel approach to effectively enhance the signal detection on polarimetric weather radars.  The book also gives detailed instructions for a computationally efficient method suited for real-time implementation of the technique.

Dual-polarized radars transmit radio wave pulses with both horizontal and vertical orientations to more accurately measure cloud particle shapes and precipitation size and density.  In order to transmit horizontal and vertical pulses simultaneously, which is preferred, the transmitter power is split between horizontal and vertical channels.  This can cause the radar to be less sensitive to the weakest but useful radar returns.

The method formulated by Ivic was successfully demonstrated and verified using time series data collected with the NOAA/National Severe Storms Laboratory research polarimetric radar (KOUN). The technique is slated to be implemented on the dual-polarized WRS-88D network as means to mitigate sensitivity loss caused by the polarimetric upgrade.

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