PHS Environmental Parameters vs RAP and Radar for Warning Ops

For this case, we have a data outage for radar, so the closest radar we have to use is KMAF for WFO SJT (no MRMS data either). Was looking at the tornado probability for the storm moving out of Runnels County since the midlevel meso was strengthening. So, I took a look at the environmental parameters from PHS (namely, the SRH). It looked like the storm was ingesting 800-900 m2/s2 SRH, which is a bit high, but the idea that the storm was ingesting more SRH/modifying the environment to possibly increase the tornado potential was useful. Interestingly, the RAP from the SPC Mesoanalysis page shows an area of enhanced 0-3 km SRH (just to the NW of the storm).

PHS environment parameters at 1947Z


SPC Mesoanalysis 0-3 km SRH
KMAF 0.9 deg tilt indicating a very strong midlevel meso

Another thought – Perhaps having either 30 minute data or intervals (30 minute, 1 hour, 2 hour, etc.) might help from a mesoanalysis standpoint.

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