PHS 0-3km SRH for WY/MT – 5/25/23

PHS 0-3km SRH for WY/MT – 5/25/23

Shear parameters are highlighted for the afternoon time period across Northern WY and far Southern MT (northwestern portions of the image domain). Radar observations later on indicated this product did well, with several cyclic supercells moving NE to ENE across far Northern WY, and entering into Southern MT at the writing of this post. This product demonstrated higher resolution, though similar placement of convective elements from the same product on the HRRR model.


PHS 0-3km SRH – 20Z – 5/25/23

PHS 0-3km SRH – 21Z – 5/25/23

PHS 0-3km SRH – 22Z – 5/25/23

PHS 0-3km SRH – 23Z – 5/25/23

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