EAX Near-Term AFD (Mountain Bone)

A decaying MCS continues to progress northeast across the central portions of northernmost Missouri, allowing for destabilization to begin in its wake. This is especially true along and west of Interstate 35 in NW Missouri/eastern-most KS where clouds have cleared for several hours according to GOES_East Channel 2 imagery. With in-situ observations showcasing upper-60s to low 70s dewpoints at the surface across the central and eastern portions of the state, it likely won’t take much in the way of surface heating to allow for convective initiation this afternoon and evening.  Based on downstream NUCAPs soundings, rather robust SFC CAPE values in the 3000 – 4000 J/KG range will likely spread northwestward with time, which should be ample to support some convection this afternoon and evening. Best (early) thoughts on initiation location this afternoon will be across the easternmost portions of the CWA along a line from Boonville to Centerville along the eastern most periphery of the nearly stalled MCS, which could provide for enough lift to get things firing by late afternoon and evening. Also keeping an eye on a downstream shortwave clearly evident in GOES_East water vapor imagery which could push an additional round of multicellular convection through late this afternoon and evening. Most likely to brush the southern and eastern portions of the CWA, which currently finds itself adjacent to a severe thunderstorm watch extending to its south and eastward. .

Any storms that do form or push into the area should have plenty of moisture and instability to sustain themselves. All_Sky TPW and NUCAP soundings show a plume of 1.3 to 1.5 inch PWATT values extending north throughout the entire CWA, which also brings the concern for some additional flooding, especially across the southeastern portions of the CWA which will likely see more numerous coverage of storms. Low 0-1km and 0-6km effective shear values should limit the presence of sustained supercells, however, a strong to severe thunderstorm or two will remain possible this afternoon and evening.

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