NUCAPS swath…just a bit too far east…

So, hello from my initial post from HWT, here during the week of May 20th.  Yes, this is shaping up to be an active day and perhaps week.  Taking a first look at the NUCAPS soundings for this afternoon…and…the latest ~18 UTC swath is just a bit too far east to be of a lot of use here in the primary action area for severe convection.  Notice in the first image the SPC Outlooks (High Risk area nearly entirely to the west of the soundings).   Nevertheless, I’ll take a look at the next swath to see the coverage over the main area of expected severe weather.

Image: Day One Convective Outlook (from SPC), NUCAPS Improved Latency soundings (~1817 UTC), and GOES-16 Vis (0.64 um).

-Kris W