Life and Death in One Loop

Well, the convection is trying. And dying.  Case in point, the full life cycle of a pair of storms across the  northern suburubs of Houston.  Thoughts below:

You are looking at the 1-minute Mesoscale Sector scan with GLM Flash Extent Density, the Vaisala GLD dataset, and ProbSevere overlays.  Some things to look at:

ProbSevere struggled when the storms were most intense by merging two individual storm objects, splitting them apart, then re-merging back into one object.  Trends were a mess because of this.

GLM lightning activity ceased a full 10 minutes before ProbSevere dissipated the tracking associated with the cells.  However, it continued to show flashes taking place for 7-minutes after the last CG was detected in the GLD data.  Good use for IDSS to let people know that cloud-to-ground strikes are still possible.

The storms initially were moving northwest along a boundary then deviated to the northeast as they strengthened.  As soon as the moved off the boundary…bye bye!