NUCAPS comparisons – modified versus unmodified

Compared several NUCAPS soundings across the pass to determine usefulness of the modified versus unmodified data. In each example, the modified is on the left and unmodified is on the right. The example above was quite dramatic. This was an example over my home CWA. The modified sounding on the left captures the true mixing likely taking place over the point to the north of GJT airport, the right has a vastly different temp/td profile. This would have dramatic impacts for fire weather and smoke dispersal forecasting in remote areas, which is a critical task provided by our office. 

Moving south, the above example is well west of the dry line in New Mexico. Unmodified does capture a well mixed BL, but the modified shows this feature more pronounced. Clear skies were present throughout the entire day leading up to this point. 

This sounding above was from just slightly west of the dryline

This sounding was a bit farther east, in the vicinity of increasing moisture east of the dry line. Finally this sounding was from well east of the dry line in the vicinity of intense thunderstorm development. Note the odd structure in the lower levels in the unmodified sounding on the left, these strange temp readings are eliminated in the modified sounding which greatly changes the CAPE values and other parameters. 


-Dusty Davis