Daily Summary: Week 4, Day 3

Today’s activities took us to Cheyenne, Boulder, and Jacksonville, with the Cheyenne group moving to Topeka before ending in Dodge City. The PGLM total lightning Flash Extent Density within the Colorado LMA in NE Colorado saw heavy use with storms that developed in the Boulder CWA. It was nice to have a group operate in the Jacksonville¬†today as it allows us to demonstrate the tools in a different region of the US. This is important considering most of the experiment has been spent west of the Mississippi River thus far. This group, however, did not have access to the 1-min imagery, something they missed dearly! The Boulder group found it helpful to monitor the LAP PWAT products as ¬†moisture quickly approached the front range from the east, tightening the moisture gradient leading up to convective initiation. The approaching feature was also apparent in the 1-min imagery. The NUCAPS, CI, ProbSevere and ENI Lightning products all saw use throughout the day as well.

– Bill Line, SPC/HWT Satellite Liaison and Week 4 EWP Coordinator

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