Daily Summary: Week 1, Day 1

Today marked the first day of the EWP Spring Experiment in the Hazardous Weather Testbed in Norman, OK. This year, 5 NWS forecasters and 1 broadcast meteorologist will evaluate various GOES-R and JPSS algorithms, as well as Earth Networks total lightning products. Participants, working in pairs, will use the experimental products to issue area forecast discussions and severe thunderstorm/tornado warnings for their designated CWA. All of the products being demonstrated are available in AWIPS-II.


Much of the focus for the first day of the week was hands-on training for each of the products under evaluation. After some initial familiarization with AWIPS-II and procedure building, the various PI’s worked with forecasters on how to interpret the products, and what to look for during the week. Forecasters also became familiar with saving images, and posting to the blog. By the end of the day, participants had already made several informative blog posts.

We began today’s operations in the Topeka, Omaha, and Midland CWA’s. As activity subsided in the Omaha CWA, that pair moved operations to the Wichita CWA. Participants were able to utilize all of the products today, including the PGLM total lightning from the West Texas LMA.

Tomorrow, we will start activities at 12:00 pm in the Dev Lab for the daily debrief before moving to the HWT for the 12:45 EFP briefing. Operations will likely take place in West Texas.


– Bill Line, SPC/HWT Satellite Liaison and Week 1 EWP Coordinator

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