A first for the 2009 Spring Experiment!

It looks like we have full 18-06z loops from all available data from 00Z, May 6, 2009!

This is a first for the 2009 SE.

With the center point change to CLT today we are outside the domain of the 00Z CAPS CNA and C0A models.
GEMPAK just plots a blank image with a title for those frames. Everyone else appears to exist for the
18z-06z period. This includes the following 00Z runs:

CAPS-SSEF-ALL (18 members)
CAPS-CNA – no grids in selected domain and not shown in the loop links, below.
CAPS-C0A – no grids in selected domain and not shown in the loop links, below.

Here are the links to the loops for this 00Z run of the models (the verifying base/composite reflectivity will fill-in tonight):

6-panel 1KM REFL w/ verifying BREF w/ time:

6-panel Composite REFL w/ verifying BREF w/ time:

4-panel Synthetic Severe (no HRLY REFMAX from AFWA4 until next week) w/ verifying hrly reports w/ time: